Friday, August 9, 2013

It's OK to sweat

Sweat is good
I successfully managed to attend two cage fitness work out classes this week. The quick 30 minute indoor cardio, strength-training, push up, sit-ups, burpee and squat filled classes really made me sweat.  Did you know that wiping the sweat off during your workout can make the work out even harder? Experts say to keep the sweat coming and don't wipe it off. Our bodies use sweat to lower the body temperature through evaporation cooling.  If you wipe the sweat away with a towel, you make it harder for the body to keep its steady temperature, creating a harder workout in your mind. 
 A perfect reminder to wear moisture wicking workout clothes to make your workout easier for you.  At your next workout, feel good knowing if your sweating during an intense workout, its OK to sweat you can take pleasure in showing it off.

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